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NamitaMobile.in is a power full Mp3 Songs website. All the users of our site can stream songs in our site and also download all types of mp3 songs from our website. You can search for your favorite song at any time from the search box of our site.
All songs are completely free to stream or download at any time
All remixers can upload their own making Remix songs on our website and there is no cost for this.

About Owner Of This Site

My Name Is Dip Chatterjee (DJ Santu VBC) I started Making DJ Remix from 2008. I then created NamitaMobile.in website to promote my own mixing DJ Remix songs all over the world. And furthermore promote all types of DJ Remix songs mix by all the various DJ remixers.
if you have any queries You can contact us Any Time Via This Email Id: namitamobile.in@gmail.com